Kevin K. Ma  Principal Architect
Kevin Ma is a licensed architect in California. As the founder of KEVINMA architecture + design ("KM a+d"), he has designed and managed projects in both the public and private sector, including landscape design.

KM a+d

Our goal at KM a+d is to create thoughtful and well-crafted work regardless of size or budget. We consider the making of architecture in our environment a tremendous responsibility, this requires us to approach each project with care.

Our practice was established with the aspiration to satisfy both pragmatic needs and respond to the hearts and minds of the occupants, with designs aimed at defining and refining space for sensory experience.

As the late American architect, Samuel Mockbee, once said "Eveybody wants the same thing, rich or poor; not only a warm, dry room, but a shelter for the soul." The enjoyment of a well-designed built environment is indeed possible for all. In researching these ideals to achieve quality design for occupants to experience the pleasures of architecture, we at KM a+d will commit our time, passion, and talent to each and every project from the beginning.