Places - Built environments we support.
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  • Coyote Point Museum   San Mateo, California
  • The museum center cares for rescued animals that are native to California but cannot be released back to their natural habitat due to injury or because they have become imprinted. The museum also houses an impressive environmental education center. It aims to educate and inspire people to take care of our envionrment wisely.
  • High Line   New York, New York
  • Rail Structure built in the 1930s and ended its operations in 1980. In 1999, when it was under threat of demolition, a community-based, non-profit group in partnership with the City of New York worked to preserve and create an elevated public park. A good example of public involvement, reuse, and design.
  • Marine Mammal Center   Sausalito, California
  • Their core work is the rescuing and rehabilitation of sick and injured marine mammals. Their Mission is to expand knowledge about marine mammals, their health and that of their ocean environment, and to inspire their global conservation.